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Philosophy & About

The Modern Man Family Project Society is a local community resource for men and fathers of

any life and parental situation. Founded on the principles of lived experience, grassroots principles, and

peer-driven programming, we understand the unique challenges men and fathers face in today's day and


The Modern Man Family Project Society believes in the intrinsic value that men and fathers bring

to their children, families, and communities through their various roles. Our goal is to help men and

fathers become the best version of themselves through our various services outlined below.

“We believe that healthy, skilled, men and fathers of any life and parental situation play a critical

part in enriching our children, spouses, co-parents, and communities.”

What support and resources do the Modern Man Family Project offer?

1. Modern Man Family Project Resource Centre - Located at 405A Tranquille Rd (open

Monday-Thursday 10:00am-5:00pm).

I2. Fathers In Relationship Education (F.I.R.E) Life Skills course (Tuesdays 6:00-8:00 pm)

F.I.R.E is a 10 week Life Skills course designed to provide each father with the skills and tools

required to live a healthy and flourishing life. This course teaches health and wellness outcomes from a

comprehensive and multivariate perspective. Participants of the F.I.R.E program are required to work

through the “10 Pillar” Life Skills curriculum. Topics include:

● Healthy co-parenting strategies and effective forms of communication from a family perspective.

● Understanding the inner-self and developing healthy coping mechanisms.

● Navigating the justice system through divorce and separation.

● Guest topics from psychologists, lawyers, and more.

Desired Skill Development & Outcomes

● Develop a “toolbox” for each area of life (eg., emotional, financial, family, education, etc) and be

able to recognize when adjustments and changes are needed in each area.

● Learn how to effectively build and maintain healthy relationships.

● Create lifelong friendships and support systems through Modern Man Family Project.

Teaching Method

1. Lecture/Workshop facilitated by two Modern Man Family Project coordinators.

Online and Remote Resources

Length of Program


Online Services

● 1 on 1 peer counseling and support.

● Life skills courses and support groups.

● Networking, mentoring, and education referrals.

● Create lifelong friendships and support systems through Modern Man Family Project.

Method of Teaching

1. Online group workshops and lessons led by Modern Man Family Project Facilitators.

2. Virtual peer support & meetings.

3. Modern Man Family Project Podcast.

4. Social media (eg., Facebook)


Men and fathers of any life and parental situation.